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Horizontal Fracking (a new fracking technology), to extract methane gas poses a huge threat to the environment, public health and economy in Michigan. Don't Frack Michigan is a coalition of groups and individuals who have come together to call for a ban on this dangerous drilling practice. Our petition, calling for a ban, has so far been signed by thousands of people.

In every state where it has been used, horizontal fracking has caused serious damage to drinking water, freshwater aquifers, rivers, streams, human health, livestock, wildlife and air quality. Numerous studies by scientists, public interest groups and investigative journalists (including the New York Times) have documented environmental problems with fracking. We live in an era of diminishing freshwater supplies worldwide and throughout the US. Horizontal fracking poisons enormous quantities of freshwater and removes it forever from the hydrologic cycle. It should not be tolerated in Michigan where our tourism-based economy and our way of life depend upon clean water.

Horizontal fracking has been banned in Quebec, Canada; France; New Jersey and parts of New York State. As of May, 2011, more than 30 municipalities around the country have passed resolutions or ordinances against fracking. These include the cities of Pittsburgh, Buffalo, and most recently, Detroit. We call on our elected officials and Governor Snyder to ban its use in Michigan.

The following groups have joined with Don't Frack Michigan to call for a ban:
Water and Air Team Charlevoix (WATCH)
Friends of the Jordan River Watershed
Food and Water Watch
Northern Michigan Environmental Action Council (NMEAC)
Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation
Cheboygan Democrats
Lone Tree Council
Straits Area Concerned Citizens for Peace and Justice
Friends of the Boyne River

Water is our most precious and valuable resource.

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